Does Your Heart Burn?

Love Me, Love Me Not

Being Nice Is Not Enough

We All Have Gifts

We Are One Body

Be The Church

The Conspiracy Of Modern Christianity



The Olive Tree Sermon

By The Grace Of God Himself

Need To Hear Basis

The Name You Can Call On

Why So Many False Professions?

This Is The Day Of Salvation

The God Who Calls

The Bank of Heaven

Who Are You, O Man?

The Objection To God’s Election

Jacob I Loved, Esau I Hated

Not all Israel is Israel



And The Gospel Rings Out #1

Conflict Resolution For The Sake Of The Gospel

They Don’t Care What We Know…

Jesus Doesn’t Do Divorce

How To Have Assurance

There’s Grace For That

A Series Of Blessed Assurances


The Romans 8:28 Sermon

Why Prayer Is A Problem

What I’m Waiting For

The Spirit Gives Assurance

The Spirit Gives Life

Which Way The Wind Blows

Power In The Wind

About That Struggle With Sin

When Don’t Becomes Do

The Marriage Analogy

Before & After Obedience

Discipleship 101

Building Up The Church

Who The Christian Really Is

Where The Dead Live

Only One Man

Much More In Store

This Is Love

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Too Old For A Baby

Worthy Communion

Promise To Believe In

Footsteps of Faith

The Righteousness of God

But Now For Some Good News

Mirror, Mirror in the Word

What The Bible Says About You

Press On

One Less Hypocrite

Why Don’t We Talk About This Church?

There is no Jury on Judgment Day

Birthday Reflections

To The Judgy Church Person

United State of Approval

Stop Whining and Start Shining

What the Bible Says About Homosexuality

One Nation Given Up by God

Can You See the Invisible?!

God is Not Okay With Sin

May God Save America

Summer In Soul City

We Need One Another

On The Horizon Easter Service

The Gospel of God

Our Building Inspection

Equipped For Construction

Blessed Assurance

Fellowship Is Essential

By. No. Means.

Christmas In the Summer

The God of All Grace

A Christian With Both Feet

Oh Lord, Please Humble Me and Help Me!

Who Are Your Pastors?

Encouragement for the Entrusted Soul

The End Is Near

Y U Need Jesus 3

Y U Need Jesus 2

Y U Need Jesus

Don’t Let It Divide You

Getting Real About Marriage

The Silence of the Lamb

The Actual Words of God

The War For Your Soul

Living Stones

Taste & See

Why Our Church Is Not Assembling Yet

Our Father In Heaven

Future Grace



Be the Church


Orange County Contentment

Quality of Life

Solid Rock Living

All Souls Are Forever

3 Steps to Pressing On

Knowing Jesus

Jesus Is Better Than Everything

Jesus Is Better Than Religion


The Least of These

Again I Say Rejoice!

Do You Know His Name?

The Self Esteem Sermon

Team Jesus

3 Reasons to Rejoice

Progress of the Gospel

Partners In The Gospel

Summer of Joy

All You Need

Not Done Yet.

Anxiety is Done

Judgement is Done.

Consider It Done

The Definition of a Christian

User Error In Prayer

The Love of God

Don’t Lose Your Love

Prayer and Evangelism

All the Armor of God

Spiritual Warfare


Good You Can Count On

As For Me and My House #2: Calling All Dads

As For Me and My House #1: Parents Are For Life

The Math of Marriage #3: When Two Become One

The Math of Marriage #2- Love is a Verb

The Math of Marriage #1- Submission is NOT a Bad Word

Under the Influence

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

God’s Standard for Human Sexuality

They Will Know We Are Christians

The Forgiveness Baton

Every Careless Word

Don’t Stop Growing

Off With the Old, On With the New

New You

Saved For What?!

Head of the Church


How to Live the Christian Life

Confess Your Sins

How to Get Really Rich

True North

Power & Love

Letter From a Roman Jail

Together For the Gospel

How Good Works Work

But God

A Better Word

5 Reasons People Go To Hell

Run to Jesus

Run to Win

Name Above All Names

Easter Every Day


The Nearsighted Christian


Here To Serve





The Gospel – Worthy of Our All

The Soul City Sermon

Why Fellowship Groups?

Who Can Find a Faithful Man?

An Unwavering Faith


Profiting From the Word

What To Do About Death

The Ripple Effects of the Gospel

Meeting Trials with Joy


Husbands & Wives

Evangelism Every Day

The Year of Sanctification


The New You

Die to Live

Rise Above This World

Believe in Love

Free From Anxiety

Goody Two Shoes


He will do it

The Lost Christian Virtue of Discernment

Full-Time for Jesus

God’s People and Your Responsibility

Alive in Christ

Let us be Sober

Thief in the Night



The Resurrection of the Dead

The Finish Line

Why Not Today?

Let Us Love One Another

Running to Win

The Sin of Sexual Immorality

Onwards & Upwards

If God’s People Pray

Real Living

Face to Face Fellowship

The Coming Persecution

Minister like a Father

Bring the Book

Minister like a Mother

The Lost Christian Virtue of Boldness

Church is a Family

3 Most Important Words: Faith

3 Most Important Words: Repentance

3 Most Important Words: Gospel

Authentic and Sacrifical Leaders

Why We Evangelize

Highly Committed Participants

And the Gospel Rings Out