Faith When I Fail

Seeing Sin Clearly

Great Expectations

Safety First?

God Has Something To Say

The Problem Of Hypocrisy

Crown Fit For A Priest

Introducing Toralogy

How The Lord Builds

You Have An Accuser

The Glory In Our Midst

Let’s GO Back To Israel

Reconsidering Repentance

A Time for Remembrance

Grace In A Strange Place

He is King

He Is Pierced

He Is Coming

Be Strong And Courageous

Come To Bethlehem And See

More Than a Christmas Card Part Two

More Than A Christmas Card

What A Revival Looks Like

A New Covenant in “The Old Testament”

The God Beyond Compare

Why Are We A Bible Church?

The Greater David

Me & My House

The Funeral of Jesus

Sun Stands Still

Be Strong & Courageous

What America Needs to Hear

Wake Up America

Not So Famous Amos

Go Tell It On The Mountain #3

God is Holy

A Future For Israel

Restoring the Wasted Years

Do You Know Who God Is?

Why Bad Things Happen

A White Christmas

Beware the Fake Revival

Make the Church Great Again

Behold the Love of God


Like the Sand of the Sea

Good News for America?

Does Your God Get Angry?

When a Nation Forgets God

Who’s In Charge?

O Mercy

Cheating on God

The Super Bowl Sermon

When Our Kids Are Our Idols

Behold Our God

Pity Your City

Carry His Name

Write Your Own Psalm

Salvation in the Storm

God Revive America

Resolve to Live in Godly Peace

Don’t Forget His Benefits

2015: A Year to Be Strong and Courageous