And The Gospel Is Still Ringing Out

Departure & Arrival

Safe In the Storm

Paul’s Appeal In Caesarea

Two Years Of Our Lives

I Need A Rescue

Is Your Conscience Clear?

Defend Your Faith

Ship in a Bottle

Better To Give

Double Double Sermon

Beware The Wolves

How To Say Goodbye

Finish Your Race

How To Be The Church

The Apostle Paul’s Encouragement Tour

Bring The Book To The Beach

Make Every Church a Mega Church

When God Speaks

Do Not Fear

You Can Know God

Can You Hear This Sermon?

Christ Is Not His Last Name

Go Home & Make Disciples #3

Go Home & Make Disciples #2

Go Home & Make Disciples #1

When Christians Disagree

Do Christians Use The Law?

We Must Enter The Kingdom

Highs & Lows

A Church Divided

Paul The Guest Preacher

The SENT Series

The Glory & The Hunger

Do You Believe In Prayer?

Be A Barnabas

2 Trips From Joppa

Rejoice All Ye Gentiles!


A Meeting with Jesus

The Conversation of a Lifetime

Who Said Believing Was Easy?

The Gospel Will Not Be Cancelled

When They Start Killing Christians

How To Grow The Church

When Will Christians Get Zealous About Obedience?

Giving to the Lord

Freedom of Speech

How to Respond to Persecution

In the Name of Jesus

What Christians Do

How to Respond to the Gospel

FILLED with the Holy Spirit

Welcome to the Waiting Room

The King is Coming

Highly Committed Participants