Come and See

“I will build my church” ~Jesus

Hello, my name is Bobby.  My wife is Christa.  God has blessed us with three children: Tyler, Emma and Jack.  We’re the Blakeys.  We moved here to Huntington Beach with the faith that Jesus would keep his promise to build his church.


But you can’t do church alone. Many other families moved here with us.  Some already lived here and were praying for a church to be planted. We were sent to Huntington Beach by Compass Bible Church in Aliso Viejo.  They sent us on a mission to make disciples in the name of Jesus. Our first service was September 7, 2014 at Marina High School.  Click on the link to watch our 1st sermon: AND THE GOSPEL RINGS OUT!


One of the first things we did as a church was buy an ice cream truck.  Ever since we have been driving around town and offering our neighbors, “Free Ice Cream!”  We have good news that we want to share with everyone.  There has been born a savior for our souls.  His name is Jesus.  He died on the cross for our sins and rose again.  We want to tell everyone in the world his 3 MOST IMPORTANT WORDS: “repent and believe in the gospel…” (Mark 1:15).


There’s a reason Bible is our middle name here at Compass Bible Church.  We are praying for a revival that comes from the Bible.  We made a video for every chapter from Matthew to Revelation on our Scripture of the Day YouTube channel.  That’s 260 chapters!  We even went to Israel and preached a sermon from the cliff outside of Nazareth they tried to throw Jesus off of: THE REJECTION OF JESUS.


Thanks for visiting our website!  You can watch any of the sermons we have recommended here.  Or you can watch any sermon we have ever done on our Sermons page.  But even more than that we hope you will visit our church.  We want to meet you!  We love to lift high the name of Jesus in worship and to open our Bibles to hear from God’s Word.  You are invited to…

Come and see what Jesus is building!