The Unexpected Easter Sermon

Jesus Died For You

The Time To Die

On the 1st Day of Christmas

On A Mission From God

God With Us

Let’s Talk About The Birth Of Jesus

The Double Double Sermon

Jesus Savior of America

Satisfied with Second

Christ the Servant

Holiness Matters

The Torture of Jesus

Saved For A Purpose

3:16 On 3/16

Our Sure Foundation

The Days After Christmas

The Road To Christmas

Ambassadors of Joy

Still Going To Heaven

Our Father

How To Be Happy

The Hill Worth Dying On

The Front Line of Defense

Oh Come Let Us Adore Him

The “Bah Humbug” Sermon

My Hope is in the Lord

Ministry: Beheadings and All

The Rejection of Jesus

It is Finished

The Prophecies of Christmas Past

Sold Out

Three Most Important Words

The Last Disciple

Go Tell It On The Mountain #2

Go Tell It On The Mountain

Do You Love Me?

You Will Know Him By His Scars

He is Not Here

It’s All Funny Money

Not Bothered Enough

Sin. Done.

Love. Done.

Prophecy. Done.


From the Top Down

The Now and Coming Kingdom

Everybody Feels Bad About Jesus

All Fall Down

Yes, No, Maybe So

Walk On Water

The End of the Deep End

The Deep End: A Prayer for Christian Unity

The Deep End: Not of This World

The Keeping Work of God

The Deep End

Where is your Victory?

The Plain Gospel

Here’s the Truth on the Holy Spirit

A Tale of Two Religions

Camouflage Christianity

Lay Down Your Life

How To Have Joy

The Chief End of Man

Our Declaration of Dependence

About That Relationship With Jesus

No Room for Jesus

Peace On Earth

You Have a Teacher

A Home for the Lonely

You Have a Helper

Heaven Come Down

The Real Reason Why People Don’t Believe

One Way

Home is Where Jesus Is

Brothers & Sisters In Christ

Jesus Tells the Future

Lord of Heaven, Washer of Feet

Jesus Loves Me

The Foundation of a Strong Family

When You’re Worried

When Hearts Are Hard

Forever For A Limited Time

The Way Up is Down

When the King Rides In

Give or Get

Jesus Doesn’t Do Funerals

Jesus Wept

The Resurrection Sermon

Out of Time


The Good Shepherd

The Twisted Thinking of This World

And The Blind See


Land of the Free

Why the Bible?

Light of the World

The Christmas Controversy

Rivers of Living Water

Jesus Responds To His Critics

Don’t Stop Standing

The Drawing Work of God

The Bread of Life

Jesus Saves with His Word

The Rejection of Jesus

Jesus Saves Sinners

Christ Must Increase

Jesus Saves

Why Jesus Doesn’t Trust Us

How Much More

1st Miracle of Jesus

Come and See Greater Things

Come and See

Voices in the Wilderness

The Word Became Flesh

Jesus is the Light

Jesus is the Word

Even the Demons Believe

Easter Sunday: Free Refills

Lifted Up Was He to Die

When God’s People Pray

Our Mission Statement

When You See His Glory

Follow Christ: No Matter What

What Jesus Did For You

Who Do You Say Jesus Is?

More than a Baby

Go tell it on the Mountain